How To Build An Auto Emergency Kit [Infographic]

How do you make your auto emergency kit awesome instead of just average?

It’s all about what you put in it. Building an auto emergency kit is the best way to prepare for an emergency away from home. This infographic explores an auto emergency kit’s anatomy to help you build the best kit for your vehicle.

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Infographic On How To Build The Best Auto Emergency Kit
Infographic On How To Build The Best Auto Emergency Kit
Infographic On How To Build The Best Auto Emergency Kit
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About This Infographic

A good auto emergency kit should focus on these three categories:

  • Emergency devices and tools to handle common automobile issues like breakdowns and accidents
  • Medical supplies to treat health emergencies, especially injuries from trauma
  • Survival gear (including water, food, shelter, and hygiene supplies) for emergencies away from home

However, to truly make an auto emergency kit awesome, choose supplies based on these five factors:

  • Choose good quality products
  • Consider your local environment, weather, and road conditions
  • Think about your family’s size, age, health, and special needs
  • Consider your vehicle’s make, model, age, and condition
  • Choose space-efficient items

With these principals driving you, you can create the best car emergency kit!

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